It’s been an extremely challenging year to run a business, and an extremely challenging year to be a brewery or restaurant employee. Heck, it’s just been a tough year for just about everybody. The rules have changed repeatedly, and it feels like we’ve opened 5 different businesses this year. However, we’ve been extremely lucky to be supported by the amazing community of friends and family that is what El Segundo Brewing Company and The Slice & Pint have become.

It has broken our hearts to have to furlough employees this year. Considering the waves of closures, possibly looming for months through the winter alongside cases spiking, we have had no choice but to do so to keep the business alive. But a big mantra here at ESBC is family, and we try to extend that to every employee that comes through the door and gives us their all. So when we heard about the “Feed The Furloughed” program at Bootlegger’s Brewery, we wanted to get involved.

Feed The Furloughed is simple.

Feed the Furloughed is a pay-it-forward approach to engage our customers and help our greater community, especially those most affected with day-to-day decision about food and shelter. The idea is simple, a customer buys a meal(s) in advance, and we make sure it is given to someone in need.

Buy Someone a Meal

Head to our website to purchase a meal for a neighbor in need. You can either buy an individual a meal for $10 or feed a family for $25.

If you need a Meal

We will be offering meals Monday-Friday for anyone in need. Give us a call at 310-648-8479 to find out what the daily offerings are, or you can just show up in person at The Slice and Pint – 130 W. Grand Ave. El Segundo, CA 90245.

To all those in need right now:

If you’re trying to decide between food and paying the bills, or if you’re just in a tight spot right now, this program is for you. Please take advantage, it’s a little bit of help we are happy to share.

To those of you in a position to give, think of this like the extension of the “Buy a Friend a Beer” board at the taproom. People are hurting right now, and together we can do something about it. Even if it’s just pizza and salad.


Family- 45
Individual- 20
Redeemed- 0

If you need a meal, please call.We are also looking into additional avenues to get food to those in need.